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30 minutes


Cosmetic Injectable Consultation

Not only is it a legal requirement before any medical procedure, a consultation with our aesthetic injectors will help you clearly define the treatment results you’re hoping for and create a personalized approach to achieve them.

A consultation is often the first time you're meeting your injector and this process is needed to assess your skin health and condition, medical history, treatment expectations, and it gives us the time to properly educate you about the various procedures you are interested in.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran consumer of aesthetic treatments, it’s always important to have a consultation before treatment. Your skin health, goals, and budget evolve and grow with you. Routinely discussing these changes helps us update and further customize your treatment plan to help you achieve the treatment results you desire. Your injector has the expertise to know exactly what treatments would be best for you and how to combine treatments to get the best results possible.


Consultations help us build trust with you, so that you are comfortable and informed during your treatment. We want you to have the best treatment experience possible and a huge part of that is trusting our knowledge and ability to provide you with gorgeous treatment results.

We only proceed with a treatment plan if you feel comfortable and informed about your desired treatments. 

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