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45 minutes

Botox Injection


Introducing SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM® – the first FDA-approved HA-microdroplet injectable in the US.

Hyaluronic acid can be found in various skincare products, but what sets SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM® apart is its unique, modified hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable gel formula. This HA blend is meticulously crafted to not only restore the skin’s hydration and softness but also to deliver a lasting enhancement in cheek skin smoothness. Unlock the glowing potential of your skin with SKINVIVE™.

Over time, the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid diminishes, especially with exposure to sun and other environmental and lifestyle factors. Microdroplets of hyaluronic acid found in SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM® alleviate these effects. This innovative approach addresses changes in skin texture and the loss of luminosity, rejuvenating the skin from within.
In essence, SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM® is the key to restoring hydration, smoothness, and a healthy glow that radiates within your skin.

The results of this procedure may last up to six months.

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