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To 'Lip Flip' or To Fill?

To use Botox or dermal fillers is the BIG QUESTION a lot of our clients have right now. A fuller, natural looking lip is a trend that is here to stay. There are two main options to achieve this desirable look: the Botox 'Lip Flip' or the use of hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers.

This post will break down the 'Lip Flip' procedure, the pros and cons of the 'Lip Flip', why Dermal Filler treatments may be a better option to achieve fuller looking lips, and our thoughts on these lip enhancement options.

What is a Botox 'Lip Flip'?

The 'Lip Flip' procedure is done with precisely placed Botox injections to make lips appear larger.⁠ The procedure slightly curls the upper lip outward giving lips a subtle pouty look.

So how does this procedure work? Botox is injected into the orbicularis oris muscle and relaxes the upper lip musculature, lengthening the upper lip making it appear larger without actually adding any volume. The injector must be both highly skilled and knowledgeable regarding the musculature of the face. We would recommend only going to a licensed and certified Medical Doctor or Nurse, to ensure precise and competent treatment.

'Lip Flip' Pros and Cons

At Rise Medical Aesthetics we have a lot of medical experience with injections and specialize in both neuromodulator and dermal filler injectable treatments. We have done many 'Lip Flips' with great success, but it is a procedure that should only be used in certain circumstances.

During the initial consultation, our injectors will determine if this procedure is appropriate for our clients depending on their beauty goals and facial musculature. Done incorrectly or performed on clients that don't fit the proper criteria for this procedure, a Botox 'Lip Flip' can negatively effect lip structure and function, such as talking and smiling.

It is important to remember that Botox is a potent neuromodulator that temporarily paralyzes muscles, so it must be precisely and properly placed to attain the desired results.

In most cases, we think our clients should first consider a subtle dermal filler to enhance the shape and size of their lips. BUT, we will go through the main pros and cons of a Botox 'Lip Flip.'

  • Pros: If our clients are happy with their upper lip size, but want to create a fuller looking lip that doesn't disappear when smiling, a 'Lip Flip' may be a great option for them. There is also less swelling and bruising with this procedure.

  • Cons: 'Lip Flip' results last 3-4 months and Botox cannot be reversed. So if a client doesn't like the effects of this treatment, they will have to wait until the Botox runs its course. A 'Lip Flip' can also negatively impact lip functions and clients have reported changes in the way they speak, smile, and how they eat. The inability to use a straw while drinking is a common side effect.

Why Dermal Fillers May Be a Better Choice

We find that Dermal Fillers are versatile and more flexible in their application than Botox and we often consider them a more suitable way to achieve fuller looking lips. Dermal fillers can provide our clients with their desired results without the puffy, over-injected look that is commonly feared. No overblown 'Cat Lady' lips come out of Rise Medical Aesthetics! We aim to create natural looking lips that compliment and enhance a client's natural beauty.

Here are some of the specific reasons why we suggest Dermal Fillers:

  • Fillers can shape the lips. While fillers are used to add volume, a skilled and talented injector can use this procedure to address lip shape and definition. Fillers are often used to improve the symmetry and proportion of the upper and lower lips to create a natural looking lip.

  • Fillers can be subtle. Some clients are scared off of fillers because they see bad results and assume that an over-full, puffy result is common. Clients are attracted to a 'Lip Flip' because they want to modify their lip shape and size without looking like they've had any 'work done.' However, our incredible injectors at Rise Medical Aesthetics can, and do, use fillers to subtly enhance our client's lips.

  • Fillers can be reversed. If clients are unhappy with the results of their treatment, hyaluronic acid-based fillers can be quickly dissolved. Clients will not be stuck with lips that don't look how they envisioned them.

One of the most common issues that our clients have with lip filler is the temporary swelling and potential bruising. Often pictures online will show results that are done immediately after the procedure and client lips look swollen. Which is true at that point of the healing process! The initial swelling resolves itself within a week after the injections and by week two there will be no noticeable signs that a client used lip fillers other than their lips looking naturally gorgeous and full.

Final Thoughts on Lip Enhancement Procedures

Botox has some positive aesthetic uses for the mouth and lip area, such as reducing a 'gummy' looking smile, improving down turned lips, and enlarging the upper lip. But overall, we feel that hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers are more versatile and appropriate for our clients who want a lip enhancement procedure.

If you would like to inquire about either the Botox 'Lip Flip' or Dermal Fillers, our certified and experienced injectors at Rise Medical Aesthetics would love to meet you in person and discuss how cosmetic injectables could help you achieve your beauty goals.

Call or book your consultation and lip enhancement treatment today with Laura McIntyre N.P. or Dr. Lisa Van Aerde.

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